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  • In the event of ANY damages, lost or stolen yard card greeting, the renter is responsible for the replacement of the item(s). The price is $25 PER ITEM, LETTER OR EMOJI

  • Please no jumping or playing around the yard card greeting.

  • Please do NOT move or touch the yard card greeting for any reason.

  • Please do NOT remove the yard card greeting. WE will install and remove all yard card greetings.

  • Placement of yard card greetings are the sole discretion of Sign, Sealed and Delivered Yard Card Rentals and More.

  • Please do NOT use any lawn equipment around the yard greetings. Grass stains will permanently damage the greetings and the replacement costs will be at the expense of the renter.

  • Please turn off any sprinkler systems during the time the yard card greetings are being installed. SSD is not responsible for any damages to your sprinkler system due to metal stakes used to install the signs. 

  • Please do NOT use silly string around the yard card greetings

  • Please do NOT use a bubble machine around the yard card greeting

  • Replacement of ANY component of the yard card greeting is at the sole discretion of Sign, Sealed and Delivered.

  • If this is a gift, please make the gift recipient is aware of the above, as you are still responsible for damages.

  • PLEASE NOTE: We may be unable to deliver a greeting during severe, hazardous weather conditions. We will attempt to reschedule delivery, or a FULL refund will be issued. We do still deliver in the with rain. 

By submitting payment of your invoice, you agree to and acknowledge the following:

In consideration of your agreed upon rental of Yard Card Greetings from Sign Sealed and Delivered, you voluntarily expressly and knowingly release, waive, discharge and agree to hold harmless the owners of CMA Financial, LCC, Sign Sealed and Delivered Yard Card Rentals, it representatives, volunteers, and employees (herein collectively RELEASES), from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, personal injury, or death sustained by participating in the rental agreement.

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